Kwame Junior Polley, Ghana, Course on Data Science: Wrangling

Kwame Junior Polley, Ghana, Course on Data Science Wrangling

Kwame Junior Polley is a highly goal getting  young man from Africa, Ghana to be precise, poised to study in the world of data today, with the sense of helping and promoting others.  He has completed BSC Logistics Management at the Regional Maritime University of Ghana.

Course Name:  Free Online Course on Data Science: Wrangling
Institution: Harvard University
Start Date: July 17, 2018
Certificate Fee Scholarship:  Yes

Kwame Junior Polley’s View: Why He has joined this Course

The most important aspect of communication in the 21st Century is analyzing data to give out the needed information. The reason why I have decided to join the Data Science: Wrangling program is to gain world-class knowledge in data science in other to have an impact in my part of the world.

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