Free Online Course on Introduction to Probability

Free Online Course on Introduction to Probability
Certificate fee scholarship is available for this course.

Institution: Harvard University
Start Date: July 20, 2018

Learn probability, an essential language by joining this free online course entitled “Introduction to Probability”, offered by Harvard University. Probability and statistics help to bring logic to a world replete with randomness and uncertainty.

This course will give you tools needed to understand data, science, philosophy, engineering, economics, and finance. You will learn not only how to solve challenging technical problems, but also how can you apply those solutions in everyday life. The course is going to start on July 20, 2018.

Course Summary

  • Duration: 7 weeks
  • Commitment: 5 to 10 hours per week
  • Subject:  Analysis of data and statistics
  • Institution: Harvard University
  • Languages: English
  • Price: Free
  • Session:  July 20, 2018
  • Requirement: Familiarity with US high school level algebra concepts
  • Certificate Available: Yes

Who Developed the Course

The Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

Target Audience

  • Familiarity with US high school level algebra concepts; Single-variable calculus: familiarity with matrices. derivatives and integrals.
  • Not all units require Calculus, the underlying concepts can be learned concurrently with a Calculus course or on your own for self-directed learners.
  • Units 1-3 require no calculations or matrices; Units 4-6 require some calculus, not matrices; Unit 7 requires matrices, not calculus.
  • Previous probability or statistics background not required.

Where Could This Lead You

After completing this course, you can apply for jobs in the given fields:


Get Extra Benefits

Get a verified certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you acquire (₹ 6781 INR)

  • Official and approved-Get a certificate with the logo of the institution and the signature of a professor to show your achievements and increase your professional prospects
  • Easy to share-Add the certificate to your résumé or resume, or publish it directly on LinkedIn
  • Proven motivational measure-Give yourself an additional stimulus to complete the course

How to Join This Course

You can register yourself here.

Course Format

  • Unit 0: Introduction, Course Orientation, and FAQ
  • Unit 1: Probability, Counting, and Story Proofs
  • Unit 2: Conditional Probability and Bayes’ Rule
  • Unit 3: Discrete Random Variables
  • Unit 4: Continuous Random Variables
  • Unit 5: Averages, Law of Large Numbers, and the Central Limit Theorem
  • Unit 6: Joint Distributions and Conditional Expectation
  • Unit 7: Markov Chains

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • How to think about uncertainty and randomness
  • How to make good predictions
  • The story approach to understanding random variables
  • Common probability distributions used in statistics and data science
  • Methods for finding the expected value of a random quantity
  • How to use conditional probability to approach complicated problems

Who Will You Learn With?

Joseph Blitzstein: Professor of the Practice in Statistics, Harvard University


  • Importance of Course: At the end of the course, you will gain a strong foundation for the study of statistical inference, stochastic processes, randomized algorithms, and other subjects where the probability is needed.
  • Importance of Certificate: By the Certificate of Achievement you will be able to prove your success when applying for jobs or courses. You can display it on your LinkedIn or CV.

Detailed Information

For more information about the course, you may visit the Website.

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