Clayton Machona , Zimbabwe , Course on English for Journalists, Part 1

Clayton Machona

Clayton Machona has completed his high school at Njelele high school in Zimbabwe and excelled with 12 points in commercial subjects.  He has the knowledge of Shona and English languages. His hobbies are reading and playing football. He knows the basic and fundamental skills of Computer.

Course Name:  Free Online Course on English for Journalists, Part 1
Institution:  University of California, Berkeley
Start Date:  Self-Paced
Certificate Fee Scholarship:  Yes

Clayton Machona’s View: Why he has joined this Course

The world has news and requires somebody to write and report, this has pushed me to choose Journalism. I like to travel in various parts of the world and with my curiosity, scientific mind being a journalist suits me. My unique attribute of being social (a people person) will be reinforced by being a journalist, I would like to spend my entire life discovering new things and communicate them, improve my vocabulary in English is another substantial reason why I chose Journalism, I hope will get to live my dream.


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